About Us

About Us
Since 2001, we have tried to support many companies in their advertising and promotions. During these processes, we realized that the most difficult issue for a company; rather than continuing its activities in the sector it serves, it was able to express itself in the most accurate way to the most appropriate audience.

When we decided to write “about us” for our websites that have been serving since 2001, we realized that this was not as easy as we thought and told other companies.

We know that the white papers are perhaps the last part to be read on a website. However, it is imperative that there is a section that describes itself in some part of the advertisement and promotion materials of each company. And of course, this article should contain very short and clear information about the services provided.

Briefly for ZIZA.net & TENNAR.com and its sites; We can say “the group of sites that have always managed to remain an amateur in their field”.

Himani Kapoor, about us
a group of sites that have always managed to remain an amateur in their field

When you get to know ZIZA.net & TENNAR.com a little more, you can understand that it is a little different from other sites. We have been serving in the fields of advertising and promotion for a long time, knowing that being different is not only possible by shouting “We are different…” in company promotional texts or slogans.

So why are our sites different from other sites?
Before anything else; How Do We Do Things?
– We analyze the work,
– We make the definition and design,
– We develop codes and applications,
– We provide consultancy and support services.
– Our projects are always alive and we constantly develop on the basis of benefit to the sector.

New Ideas You
always need new ideas for the development of your brand. With the concept designs we have developed on an original idea that best suits your business for many years, we have been doing works that evaluate your corporate identity online and in printed works. Designs based on an idea are more welcomed by your target audience and are generally more effective.

We really love our job.
Perhaps this is the sole and only reason for our success. Because we know that; However, when you love a job, you work to improve yourself and become more successful in that field. Everyone included in the ZIZA.net & TENNAR.com team also loves their job and makes an effort to develop in their own fields.

We are constantly researching to be better in
Our work We are constantly doing research on design, web design, web technologies and advertising, more than any other web design or advertising agency. We try to keep track of what is new in these areas and adapt them to be available materials for our customers.

We always turn our face to the outside
Unlike other websites, almost all designers and programmers that we take as an example are people or teams who have signed important projects abroad. By reaching out to these people, we are constantly trying to better understand how our work is done outside. When we do R&D work for a project, we must first examine the advertising, promotion and web designs of the companies that successfully continue our customer’s business abroad and we take these projects as examples.

We produce solutions, not excuses
We know very well that the job we are trying to do is more difficult than expected. While conducting important projects of many different companies at the same time, we encounter various problems. However, rather than looking for excuses as to why these problems cannot be solved, we focus on how to solve these problems. That is why we produce “solutions”, not “excuses” while carrying out these projects.

We work in a disciplined and programmed
manner. We believe that if you want to be successful in that field, it is necessary to work in a disciplined manner within the framework of certain programs. We organize the work flow for every project we work on and we take care that all our employees, including the project team, remain loyal to this process.

Of course, these are not all the features that make ZIZA.net & TENNAR.com different. When you get to know us better, you can understand better why we are “different”.

Sincerity – Honesty
Of course, we are aware that there is no one-size-fits-all solution that can be effective for your entire marketing strategy. Of course, it is not possible for us to prepare all the works of large companies for all advertising channels. Although we have served very large companies in the past, we enjoy meeting the advertising / design needs of small and medium-sized companies and as little bureaucracy as possible.

We invite you to watch our other sites to meet when you have time.

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